Sofa Cleaning

Non-leather furniture like sofas and sofa sets around your home deserve the same amount of cleaning attention as any other piece of furniture or interior feature. The average sofa sees a lot of daily use and abuse, in result this otherwise pretty and comfortable piece of furniture starts looking worn and tatty. If you are pondering over the best way to clean your sofas effectively and without risking damage, by all means stay away from conventional or homemade cleaning treatments (as tempting as these might sound) and use our professional sofa cleaning in instead.

Sofa CleaningThe specialised sofa cleaning service we offer is the single most effective yet sparing way to clean any sofa material or fabric finish properly, without risking its colours, dimensions and structural integrity or comfort properties. On the other hand, aggressive conventional cleaning is more than likely to damage the sofa finish – consider the cost of purchasing a new sofa set, over the cost of our professional sofa cleaning in – the writing is on the wall!

Specialised sofa cleaning is not just about avoiding damage, but also about exceptional results. Our specially qualified cleaning technicians will review the type of material finish of your sofa and choose the most appropriate and risk-free way to clean it. Different sofa finishes require different cleaning approach – our cleaning technicians have the necessary skills and expertise to choose the right one and yield industry standard cleaning results without margin for error.

Sofa CleaningStain removal for sofas is particularly problematic when using conventional cleaning methods. Our professional sofa cleaning in however focuses on dealing effectively with heavy soiling and stubborn staining. The cleaning systems we apply work throughout the depth of the fabric or material thus giving you uniform deep cleaning, unlike conventional cleaning where stains and soiling are either spread out further, or driven deeper.

Our sofa cleaning in will not cost you silly moneyour service rates are more than reasonable, and we believe the service is genuine value for money. All customers will be quoted fairly and correctly.

The service is quite convenient and very efficient – we will save you a ton of unnecessary hassles. For instance:

    Sofa Cleaning

  • The entire cleaning process takes place onsite – no need to take sofa set to another location for treatment, or wait around to have it delivered back to you;
  • The cleaning methods we use are suitable for all type and size sofas – big, small, medium, custom sized etc.
  • There will be no need to disassemble the sofa as we can clean effectively inside and around nooks, crannies and folds;

We need to remind customers that for best results (and depending on the size and state of the sofa), our cleaning techs will require a number of hours – and we don’t like rushing jobs. In order to avoid excess disruption to your daily schedule, we recommend having your sofa cleaning done in a suitable time and day of the week. Sofa cleaning appointments are available for all days of the week.