Rug Cleaning

Many people are fond of the luscious and luxurious look of rugs, and the style and class they bring to the any room. Rugs are pricy interior features though and looking after them properly is essential in order to keep them looking better for longer. At the same time rugs see a lot of daily use and are exposed to soiling and staining as much as any other flooring surface around the property. Problem with rugs is that they do not handle conventional cleaning and stain removal treatments as these usually bring irreversible optical and physical damage to the rug. So, how to go about cleaning your valuable rugs properly?

Rug CleaningWell, use our professional rug cleaning in of course! This cleaning service is specially devised to be safe and suitable for all type of synthetic and natural fibre rugs, including tufted, needle felted, knotted, woven, flat weaved, hooked and embroidered. The cleaning techniques we apply work deep inside the rug and clean throughout the depth of the fibre, unlike conventional cleaning treatments which only give you temporary, superficial cleaning results.

Our rug cleaning in is the sensible, efficient and safe alternative to any other cleaning option out there. The service is very convenient and always delivers the required level of results.

Rug CleaningAs always, our specially qualified cleaning techs will approach the job with professional precision and expertise. They will review the type of material used for making the rug – either natural or synthetic. Next, they will review any specific stains, soiling or blemishes which need addressing. Depending on the scale of soiling or staining, as well as the rug’s current state, our cleaning technicians will decide upon the most effective yet sparing way to clean the rug.

Even though, all this might seem unnecessary, we are quite serious about yielding the best possible cleaning results, without risk of damage – this is why prep work and analysis are so important to our professional rug cleaning in . We guarantee no risk of chemical or mechanical damage to the rug.

Why should you choose our professional rug cleaning in over other rug cleaning options:

  • First of all we know our work inside out, and leave nothing to chance – professional expertise comes as standard;
  • Second of all we are efficient and punctual – all cleaning takes place onsite, no fussing about or unnecessary timewasting;
  • Last but not least, we can clean effectively any type and size rug without risking damage or substandard cleaning results;

Rug CleaningCost wise, we can offer you the fairest and most competitive prices on such specialised cleaning solutions. The rug cleaning service is reasonably priced and will give customers the necessary coverage and cost efficiency. The quotes we provide are individually prepared, based on the size, state and number of rugs to be cleaned. Rug cleaning is available as standalone or in a service bundle with other cleaning options for extra value for money. Services are booked for all days of the week, including Sundays and public holidays.