Floor Cleaning

There is an easy way to maintain your household or office floors in top condition. The easy way is to contact our cleaning company and hire us for the cleaning of your floors. We are a professional and fully licensed cleaning company that provides excellent floor cleaning services.

Floor CleaningWe are known to be the finest cleaning company when it comes to floor cleaning projects because we have been providing this particular service for numerous years and because we have all the necessary tools to clean any type of floor covering. The types of floor coverings that we are equipped to clean are:

  • Hardwood floorings– We realize that hardwood floors are the most expensive and most delicate types of floors and this is why we use cleaning machines that are scratch-proof. Also we use cleaning products that won’t cause any discoloration to your hardwood. Also note that we have the necessary machines to buff your hardwood flooring if the top layer of the wood was faded and needs to be refreshed.
  • Tile flooringsWe clean tile floors by using specialized tile cleaning products that are non-chemical, non-toxic and eco-friendly. We use such products because they are as efficient as chemical and toxic cleaning detergents but don’t leave behind hazardous particles that can cause heath complications. Once more, know that we can buff your tile floorings if the project requires it.
  • Floor CleaningVinyl and rubber floorings– If you have permanent yellow stains on your vinyl or rubber flooring which you cannot remove don’t be hesitant to call us because we have the necessary products and tools to remove such stains without damaging the surface of your floor.
  • Cork and laminate floorings– For these types of floors we use the same scratch-proof machines which we use for the cleaning of hardwood floors and the same eco-friendly and non-toxic and non-chemical cleaning products with which we treat tile floorings.
  • Carpeted flooringsWe can clean your carpeted floors via several methods such as dry carpet cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, carpet washing or foam carpet cleaning. Regardless which method you choose, know that we will handle your floor cleaning project in a flawless and eco-friendly manner.

As you can see we can indeed clean any type of floor covering that you can think of. So stop wasting valuable time into a needless scouting and call us today because you won’t find better floor cleanings in than ours.

Floor CleaningTake into account that we are one of the few cleaning companies that are fully insured. We have insured our services because we want our clients to have the peace of mind that they will get reimbursed in the case of an accident. However note that to date we have never had any accident of any kind during the handling of a floor cleaning project. It is like this because we work very carefully and always double check everything. In fact you can say that it is our attention to even the smallest details that has made us the cleaning company to contact when it comes to floor cleaning in call us at if you have any questions about our services or if you wish to request your personalized free quote. Know that we are waiting for your call.