Curtain Cleaning

Beautiful curtains are one of the highlights of any well-arranged room interior. To keep the curtains looking good means cleaning or washing them on a regular basis. Most of the time, machine washing the curtains is out of the question as they are made of delicate and demanding fabrics which do not handle aggressive machine washing too well.

Curtain CleaningThe safe and effective alternative to machine washing is specialised curtain cleaning. Our professional curtain cleaning in is exactly what you need. The service delivers exceptional quality cleaning results, without risk of damage or alteration to the curtain fabric. What’s best of all – it won’t cost you much at all. Professional grade curtain cleaning has never been more affordable!

Like any other fabric around the house, the average curtain is exposed to a decent dose of hygiene issues on an almost daily basis, for example:

  • Dust, pollen, dirt and bacteria;
  • Cigarette smoke, pungent kitchen odours;
  • Different types of organic and chemical staining;

These might not be an issue at the start, but if the curtain is left neglected for too long, it will start to look, feel and smell rather unpleasant. One the same note, clean and fresh curtains will reduce the amount of dust and pollen floating around inside rooms – important for improving indoor air quality.

Curtain CleaningOur professional curtain cleaning in is specially devised in order to be safe and effective on most types of natural and synthetic fabric curtains. When applying our cleaning techniques, we spare the curtain from:

  • Tearing and weakening of stitch lines;
  • Alteration to dimensions and shrinking;
  • Fading, discolouration;

By using our specialised curtain cleaning in you delicate curtain fabrics will look better for longer. Depending on the type of fabric, its current state, and the origin of the soiling or staining present, our cleaning technicians will choose one of two available cleaning methods – steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning is highly effective in removal of dust and soiling, as well as eradication of all bacteria. The cleaning method cleans effectively on both sides of the curtain fabric thus delivering consistent cleaning results. Steam cleaning involves the application of a heated, pressurised solvent which removes dirt and grime from the fabric. The solvent, along with all the dirt is removed from the fabric using hot water extraction.

Curtain CleaningDry curtain cleaning, also known as restorative cleaning is reserved for really delicate curtain fabrics which shouldn’t be exposed to moisture. The cleaning process involves the application of specially formulated powder cleaners which are then extracted using special machines. The equipment we use also dries the fabric as it works through it.

Sunlight damage is considered permanent and cannot be reversed by professional cleaning methods.

Our professional curtain cleaning in is a quick and convenient service. The entire cleaning process takes place onsite – most of the time, there is even no need to take the curtains off the railing.

Curtain cleaning is available for booking as standalone or in combination with another service option we offer.